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Our composite panels provide simplified installation, long-lasting components, and overall cost reduction in all related applications. 

Hobby and Recreational Composite Panels mainly are made from thermoplastic continuous glass fiber-reinforced face sheets and proper type of cores to satisfy required customer specifications. The panels provide simplified installation, long-lasting components, and overall cost reduction in all related applications.
I-C-P could fabricate panels with polyurethane or honeycomb core panels to meet special client requirements.
I-C-P handy and adaptable panels can be used in a variety of hobby applications including exterior and interior stages and platforms.

The exceptional strength-to-weight ratio of panels provides strong structural performance to a lightweight material. I-C-P products are resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light, chemicals, moisture degradation, and rot to withstand in exposing to harsh environmental conditions.

• Ready-to-install, fewer parts and reduced scrap
• Thermoplastic construction offers strong adhesion properties for easy bonding to various materials
• Toughness, impact resistance and durability
• Stability of composite materials in extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations provides consistent performance of I-C-P products.
• I-C-P products are available in 4’ or 8’wide sheets in thicknesses of 0.5” to 4” and different core types to match all customer requirement and specifications.

Some Examples of Hobby & Recreational applications:

a- Boat docks
With amazing floating characteristics, a beautiful lifetime lightweight and extremely durable dock is available to everyone. I-C-P docs is very easy to install, remove and store.

b- Cottages
Insulated I-C-P panels could be used as a versatile material to build cottages fast.
Their maintenance cost of them is very low and they easily could resist in harsh environmental weathers.

c- Sport protection products
I-C-P panels are high impact and corrosion resistance. They could resist and tolerate a large temperature variation range. They could be used as floor, walls and stages of hockey and on ice sports.

d- Hot tub covers

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