I-C-P produces high quality and high-performance continuous composite plates and sandwich panels.
We manufacture these plates and panels in Canada and provide the best value to our customers that typically exceed their performance requirements.
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I-C-P thermoplastic continuous products could be used widely in transport sector.
Our panels are designed to maximize performance and minimize weight.

I-C-P thermoplastic continuous products could be used widely in transport sector. Our products can be used to produce truck and trailers parts, road signs, guard rails and many more objects in transportation industry.


Trucks & Trailers

Our panels and plates are the best solution for trailer body, trailer back doors, trailer floor, trailer side skirts, refrigerated trailer body, wind deflectors as well as cargo trailers.


Guard Rails

We fabricate guardrails by thermoplastic glass fiber composite which is very light and has excellent impact resistance. The product is completely recyclable and nontoxic.


Road Signs

Composite panels can be used to produce road signs. The panels accept decals, paints, coatings, adhesives and plastic welding. The final product is anti-corrosion.


I-C-P thermoplastic continuous products could be used widely in transport sector. The thermally fused composite panels are ultralight, tough, anti-corrosion, impact and UV resistance products.

Our panels are made of light weight cores fused thermally to high strength high content fiberglass skins (face sheets).

Due to lighter weight of I-C-P products compare to standard Sheetmetal and plywood, using I-C-P products in any part of truck or associated parts will result in lower fuel consumption as well as an extra loading capacity that could generate more revenue.

we design and produce efficient panels to maximize performance and minimize weight. By configuring skin thicknesses and number of layers in combination with core thickness and material, I-C-P fabricate the right product that matches customer requirements and performances. I-C-P products make it possible to bring a new life to old trailers.

Trailer Skirt

Trailer Skirt


Some of main benefits of using I-C-P products are:
• Superior strength to weight ratio
• Very high impact resistance
• UV, Chemical and moisture resistance
• Best choice of variety applications in truck body and associated parts
• Longer lifetime cycle that is not comparable to other ordinary materials like wood or metals
• Considerably better life-cycle costs than other materials
• Does not rust, corrode, mould and mildew
• Excellent in extremes of temperature, does not crack in cold temperature.