Innovative Composite Products Inc.

Innovative Composite Products

Innovative Composite Products Inc. (I-C-P Inc.) is a Canadian company dedicated to manufacturing composite plates and sandwich panels.

I-C-P panels are used in many key applications such as transportation, telecommunication, construction, energy, safety & military, recreational and many other industrial applications.

I-C-P manufacturing is based on continuous production method where a combination of thermoplastic fusion of core to skin is used to produce a wide range of panels and plate products. Our manufacturing process is adapted to produce high quality produces according to customer requirement and specifications.

About I-C-P
Innovative Composite Products Inc.


I-C-P produces high quality and high-performance continuous composite plates and sandwich panels.

There are only a few manufacturers of continuous composite plates in the world.

We manufacture these plates and panels in Canada and provide the best value to our customers that typically exceed their performance requirements.

I-C-P Products


We produce a wide range of Composite plates and sandwich panels based on customer requirement and specifications.

Composite Markets


Composite panels and plates can be used in many markets including: Construction, Transport, Packaging and Agriculture.

Honeycomb core produced by I-C-P

Wondering what can be made with composite?

Discover our fabricated products!

Composite application in industry

Curious to use composite in other industries?

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Advantages of I-C-P Products

Some of the key advantages of I-C-P products are:
- Lightweight material
- Superior strength to weight ratio
- High resistance
- Environment friendly
- Durable and easy to install
- No limit in length of products

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