I-C-P produces high quality and high-performance continuous composite plates and sandwich panels.

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Honeycomb Core

The special honeycomb core sandwich panels, made of polypropylene, provide an additional elastic area, whereby high energy absorption without core deformation is achieved.

The impact resistant, load-sharing face sheet (Skin) increases the effectiveness of this property and promotes product’s ruggedness.


I-C-P honeycomb sandwich panel is the first sandwich panel where face sheets (Skins) are thermo fused to the honeycomb core rather than bonded with an adhesive.

Together with the sheets of woven roving Compofil, they form a homogeneous, strongly fused thermo-formable panel such that delaminating is no longer possible.

I-C-P fused thermo-formable panels are impervious to the elements and have excellent shock resistance and rigidity. The panels are lightweight, thus reducing the dead loads significantly and improving load capacity.

The fiber-reinforced PP skins the proven PP honeycomb structure can resist high impact loads, where other materials could easily be damaged. The-C-P Kevlar modified impact resistance panels is strong to prevent the passing of small arm and shotgun bullets.

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Some advantages of I-C-P honeycomb sandwich panels are:

• Lightweight structural component
• Extremely high impact resistance
• Impervious to moisture
• UV resistance
• Can manufactured by treated surface to accept decals, paint, coating, adhesives and plastic welding
• Does not rust, corrode, mould or mildew
• Custom designed from 12mm (1/2”) to 100mm (4”) thick and various skin combinations for specific applications
• Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.