I-C-P produces high quality and high-performance continuous composite plates and sandwich panels.
We manufacture these plates and panels in Canada and provide the best value to our customers that typically exceed their performance requirements.
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About us

I-C-P can produce very wide range of products.
The only limit is the customer's imagination.

About us

Innovative Composite Products Inc. (I-C-P Inc.), headquartered in Montreal, is a Canadian company dedicated to manufacturing composite plates and sandwich panels. I-C-P can produce very wide range of products to meet your needs. The only limit is the customer’s imagination.

Innovative Composite Products Inc. (I-C-P Inc.) is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal.

I-C-P manufacturing is based on continuous production method where a combination of thermoplastic fusion of core to skin is used to produce a wide range of panels and plate products. Our manufacturing process is adapted to produce high quality produces according to customer requirement and specifications.

Innovative Composite Products Inc. (I-C-P Inc.) is a Canadian company dedicated to manufacturing Composite plates and sandwich panels.

I-C-P is using thermoplastic materials in manufacturing process.
A thermoplastic is not cross-linked, so it can be re-melted and re-formed, much like an ice cube that can melt and re-freeze.

I-C-P panels are using in many key applications such as transportation, telecommunication, construction, energy, safety & military, recreational and many other Industrial applications.

As the unique world manufacturer of continuous composite plates and sandwich panels, I-C-P trying to provide the high quality and high-performance products to the customers every time.

Because of our combination of thermoplastic fusion of core to skin and I-C-P unique continuous production method, I-C-P can produce very wide range of products the only limit is the customers imagination. I-C-P can produce panel and plates to meet your needs.

Manufacturing Plant
I-C-P panel manufacturing plant could be set up using different combinations of required production.
I-C-P could produce Reinforced fiberglass plates with varying thickness of 0.5 mm (0.020”) to 6.0 mm (1/4”). Considering sandwich panels, I-C-P could produce honeycomb, EPC, polyurethane core panels with thickness of 12mm (1/2”) to 100mm (4”).
I-C-P owns two production plant.
1- A 1,250mm (4 feet) wide machine which can produce up to 110,000 meters (350,000 linear feet) of 4 feet wide panels per year.
2- An eight (8) feet wide machine which can produce up to 75,000 meters (250,000 linear feet) of 8 feet wide panels per year

Production Technic
I-C-P use continuous process in fabrication of thermoplastic composites. By using simultaneous heating to melt the composite matrix under high temperature while consolidating under pressure, fusing them to core material and solidification in one continuous process, I-C-P unique production technique eliminate completely delamination phenomenon.
The above unique production technique of I-C-P results high quality sandwich panels which is not comparable to majority of thermoplastic composites panels that the plates are bonded to the core by adhesives.
I-C-P process has the flexibility in forming the plates to 3D shapes by using the proper shaping Drums in process.

There is always a right way to do a job. We always think up front with customers to find proper solutions without cutting the corners. Doing the job right is our mission.

I-C-P Role
We bring people together; we are looking at visions and goals constantly to improve things for our customers across all industries

We care about our globe a better place to live together. We do not think just for business. We always searching for the answers for our community and globe.

We constantly look to move forward. We believe that things can always be better and smarter.

Both in relation through all of our products as well as all our operations and solutions, sustainability is an integrated part of I-C-P business.
Environmental and Social responsibilities are essential part of I-C-P governance.

I-C-P has implemented a Code of Conduct describing the Group responsibilities and relationships with the environment.

Compliance with laws and regulations
I-C-P is committed to full compliance with all applicable national and international laws and regulations.

Human rights and workplace practices
I-C-P respects human rights as expressed and supports freedom from any discrimination based on race, nationality, ethnic origin, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or other status.

Health and safety
I-C-P is committed to safety and taking all necessary steps in order to avoid damage to people or the environment. All employees are expected to report unsafe conditions in order to ensure appropriate preventive action.

Business conduct and relations with business partners
Employees at all levels are expected to act responsibly and in the best interest of the company.
All financial transactions must be reported in accordance with the generally accepted accounting practices and in accordance with the laws, and accounting records must show the nature of all transactions in a correct manner.

I-C-P is committed takes environmental aspects into account when making business decisions.
I-C-P attempts to ensure that its products contribute to sustainable development and avoids materials and methods posing environment.

Responsible marketing
I-C-P is committed to providing safe and reliable products in accordance with the agreed quality. The company always give truthful and accurate statements about its products and conducts regular trainings to its sales force to this end.

Intellectual property and other intangible assets
I-C-P respects trade secrets as well as intellectual property rights and engages in transferring technology and know-how in a manner that protects these rights. All I-C-P employees are responsible for the protection of intellectual property and confidential information of the company and all the suppliers and customers.

Political activities and contributions
I-C-P does not support or make donations to political parties or individual politicians, sponsor projects or initiatives related to politics, religion, or other ideological organizations.
Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct can result in disciplinary actions, such as dismissal, sanctions or legal actions.

Thermoplastics used in making composites range from polypropylene (PP), nylon (PA) and polycarbonate (PC) to polyester and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS).
The fabrication method offers multitude advantages to products. Some of distinguishing I-C-P product advantages are:

• Lightweight, low density
• Enhanced toughness & Extremely high impact resistance
• Very high resistance to climatic and mechanical loads
• Noise and vibration damping
• UV Resistance
• Impervious to moisture
• Mold, Bacteria & Insect resistance
• Completely washable and safe to chemical disinfecting
• Durability, non-toxic, long life and non rotting material.
• Easy to install and work with
• Excellent in extremes of temperature, will not crack in the cold
• Accepts decals, paints, coatings, adhesives and plastic welding
• Final shaping and re-shaping possibilities.
• Recyclability and environmentally friendly
• Possibility of afterward final shaping

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