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Thermal insulation performance – a comparison

Polyethylene vs Polyurethane

Thermal insulation performance – a comparison

Transportation companies are one of the largest customer groups for I-C-P products. We receive hundreds of questions about the daily challenges our customers face. As part of our commitment to our valued customers, I-C-P constantly searches for the best product material to solve our customers’ problems. We understood their primary concern was the fleet’s high repair and maintenance costs which the primarily cost is related to insulation problems.

Insulation efficiency for referred trailers starting to reduce after three years. Moreover, according to the PIT Group’s report, much of the trailer body and door gain much weight over time due to water seepage and moisture build-ups in the walls and insulation. This will lead to higher fuel consumption for compensating the extra weight of the trailer components and power supply needed for the constantly running cooling refrigeration device due to losing insulation efficiency.

I-C-P’s newly developed sandwich panel with Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) cores is the new solution to overcome the above-mentioned problems.

To read more about PET and access PIT Groups’ report, click to open the attached PDF files.


PDF 2: PIT Group studies the efficiency of refrigerated trailers and reefer units