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Sandwich Panels

A sandwich panel is made of two thin, but strong and rigid skins separated by a core. The two faces of a panel are fabricated by laminated plates. The core of a sandwich is a lightweight material to form a rigid structural panel.

By changing the core material and thickness considering different thickness of skins, I-C-P fabricating sandwich panels with 12mm (1/2 “) up to 100mm (4”) cores.

According to specifications and customer requirements, I-C-P could use very wide range and different type of skins (Face Sheets). The thickness of skins could vary between 0.5mm to 2.0 mm.

The most popular skins that I-C-P uses in its production are woven roving high fiberglass content and pre-laminated low fiberglass content skins. The size and material of the skin is choosing by expected requirements.

Although I-C-P could use a wide range of material like steel, aluminum and wood as core material, the main productions are limited to honeycomb, EPS and polyurethane now. 

Honeycomb Core Sandwitch Panel


Honeycomb Core 

The special honeycomb core sandwich panels made of polypropylene provides an additional elastic area, whereby high energy absorption without core deformation is achieved.

The impact resistant, load-sharing face sheet (Skin) increases the effectiveness of this property and promotes product’s ruggedness.

I-C-P honeycomb sandwich panel is the first sandwich panel where face shoots (Skins) are thermo fused to the honeycomb core rather than bonded with an adhesive.  

Together with the sheets of woven roving Compofil, they form a homogeneous, strongly fused thermo-formable panel that delaminating is no longer possible.

The product is impervious to the elements and has excellent shock resistance and rigidity. The panels are lightweight, thus reducing the dead loads significantly and improving load capacity.

The fiber-reinforced PP skins the proven PP honeycomb structure can resist high impact loads, where other materials could easily be damaged. The impact resistance of the panels is high enough to prevent passing of small arm and shotgun Boulet.

Some significant advantages of I-C-P honeycomb sandwich panels are:

• Lightweight structural component
• Extremely high impact resistance
• Impervious to moisture
• UV resistance
• Accepts decals, paint, coating, adhesives and plastic welding
• Does not rust, corrode, mould or mildew
• Custom designed from 12mm (1/2”) to 100mm (4”) thick and various skin combinations for specific applications
• Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable

EPS Sandwitch Panel


(Expanded Polystyrene) 

Sandwich panels with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core are intended for large various kinds of applications, industrial, commercial, housing, transport, agricultural, marine and many others.

I-C-P capable to produce 1200mm (4’) or 2400mm (8’) wide panels. The thickness of panels could vary between 15mm (5/8 “) to 100mm (4”).

I-C-P production line has no limit in fabricating length of EPS sandwich panel, we can cut to size as per required length. The only restriction in length of panels is transporting from our production site to client required job site and trailer and transporting.

Consisting of a tiny hollow spherical ball, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a cellular plastic material that is light in weight. EPS panel has a density that measures within the range of 12-20 kg/m3. I-C-P is capable to use different densities of EPS in fabricating sandwich panels considering customer requirements.

EPS Sandwich Panel does not react when mixed with other components. For this reason, EPS Sandwich Panel does not decay easily. Also, it does not serve as organic food or nutritional provision for biotic detriments. EPS sandwich panels scores high point in terms of thermal insulation and protection from rigid climactic conditions.

EPS sandwich panel maintains a satisfactory resistance to fire when installed correctly. It does not cause any inappropriate fire hazards.

EPS Sandwich Panel is light in weight when it comes to carrying and lifting. However, it has the capacity to carry loads Depending properties and strength of sandwich panel face sheets (Skins). Sudden Collapse of I-C-P EPS core composite sandwich panel is impossible.

Some of the advantages of I-C-P EPS core sandwich panels are:

• High load bearing capacity at low weight.
• Effective and durable thermal insulation.
• Water and vapour barrier.
• Airtightness for controlled environments.
• Long life, low maintenance.
• Lightweight, fast and economic construction.
• Fast and Easy to use
• Custom designed from 12mm (1/2”) to 100mm (4”) thick and various skin combinations for specific applications
• Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable 


Polyurethane Core

Polyurethane has same advantages over EPS foams.

When it comes to the highest R-value, fire safety and moisture absorption the advantages of polyurethane could overcome to its higher price. 

In terms of insulation, Polyurethane (PU) sandwich panel is superior to other types of the sandwich panel because of its closed cell chemical structure. PU sandwich panel heat insulation is perfect. The closed cell structure also minimizes total water absorption of the material. PU sandwich panel also features maximum security against chemicals and water.

Polyurethane Core Sandwitch Panel

Polyurethane (PU) core sandwich panel is widely used for cold room, freezer, industrial building wall, roof, partition, construction enclosure, and modular building.

I-C-P developed a process to integrate high strength fiber glass face sheets (Skins) to polyurethane core. The integration achieved by special and proper selection of polyurethane components as well as adding some mechanical shear key measures to the skin surfaces.

• Fire retardant could be added to obtain a fire rated panel
• It has almost two times of EPS R value. Polyurethane R value is around 8 per inch of thickness.
• According to required specifications, the density could be changed according to suitable mechanical properties.
• Polyurethane does not melt, serve as its own vapor barrier
• Environmental Friendliness: PU sandwich panel is easy to recycle. With this, it does not have any side effect on the environment. 

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