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I-C-P Fabrications

At I-C-P, we use our base products, including composite plates and sandwich panels, to fabricate highly efficient yet low cost products such as: Composite Fence System, Trailer Skirts, Emergency Shelter & Kiosks, Trailer CKD Body and Bulletproof Barrier.

Our fabricated products can be used in various industries including: Construction, Transportation, Energy, Military and many more. 

Composite Fence System by I-C-P


Composite Fence System 

We offer complete lightweight thermoplastic composite planks and lightweight aluminum stands and frames for maintenance-free fence system!

Our composite plank and aluminum frame structure with multiple benefits such as; moisture, mildew, mould, and UV resistant, in vast range of colours and finishing are the best choices for our valuable customers. 

The unique feature of our product is its paint ability! Complete change of colour is possible and/or having same products for extensions and repairs remains as a choice of users.

The same planks or planks and boards with same finishing could be used for decks, exterior balcony, stairs and sidings!
withstanding the severe climates and terrains make it as maintenance free and the perfect solution for your outdoor living project!

I-C-P produce two types of composite planks compatible to our aluminum frame structure system:

1- Sandwich panel planks:
Honeycomb core sandwich panels with very lightweight could be installed in various patterns.
Configuration of these easy to install & use could be simply rearranged by user to provide a new expression to the atmosphere!

2- Plate type Planks:
Very thin but strong plates consist of one layer of stainless-steel mesh in core of two layers of composite plates infused together in a thermoplastic manufacturing process.
By using these plates alone or in combination with sandwich panel planks, wide range of patterns could be achieved by designers.  

Trailer Skirts by I-C-P


Trailer Skirts

I-C-P offer three different strong, versatile, and long-lasting type of trailer and truck side skirts that could cover wide range of customer requirements.

Option A:
The skirt consists of 20mm thick honeycomb core sandwich panel. The weight of panel is less than 1 lb/sf and could be customized. They mainly are presented in white or black colors but could be presented on other colors. 

Option B:
The skirt fabricated by 3mm thick UD composite sheets. The weight of panel is less than 1.1 lb/sf. They are flexible strong sheets and could be presented in different sizes to match different trucks and trailers. They mainly are presented in white or black colors but could be presented on other colors.

Option C:
The skirt fabricated by 3mm thick composite sheets. The skirt consists of one layer of stainless steel fused to layers of two directional plates by a thermoplastic process. The weight of panel is less than 1.4 lb/sf. They are flexible strong sheets and could be presented in different sizes to match different trucks and trailers. The plates hold screws tightly. They mainly are presented in white or black colors but could be presented on other colors


Trailer CKD Body

Our lightweight, high impact strength, waterproof, anti-humidity, corrosion resistance pane, recyclable is the best available material for truck body. The panels absorb energy and has long natural life.

We offer our different types of honeycomb panels for truck body.

According to model, size and application of the trailer, we offer easy to install custom CKD packages for trailers.  

Trailer CKD Body by I-C-P
Emergency Shelter & Kiosks by I-C-P


Emergency Shelter & Kiosks

I-C-P produce two light weight insulated shelters.
The shelters could be assembled, reassembled in few hours.
I-C-P shelters could be used in following industries:
• Natural Gas
• Water & wastewater
• Energy
• Telecommunication & utilities
• Mining
• Aquaculture
• Emergency housing
• Project site housing 

All industries are looking for long-lasting, insulated, light and easy to install shelter packages. I-C-P shelter packages are exactly meet their requirements.

The I-C-P panels are rot and corrosion resistance and stand up to pollution, humidity makes I-C-P products the best choice for harsh environments.

I-C-P maintenance free shelters can be used as utility shelters of a wide variety of utility applications in fields.

I-C-P shelter packages could be transported even by helicopters due to its lightweight.

Modular panels and uniform junctions of I-C-P shelters provide enormous flexibility to build the best size shelters according to customer requirements by single set of panels.

Bulletproof Barrier by I-C-P


Bulletproof Barrier 

I-C-P designed and fabricated a unique plate that could be used for different treat levels. The only 6.5 mm plate could be installed easily to normal wall studs or special grooved posts for installation temporary barriers. By using different number of sheets, you can cover different level of treat.

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