I-C-P Composite Plates

Composite Plates

I-C-P base product is continuous fiber reinforced plates. I-C-P mainly uses high fiberglass content Woven Roving Compofil with Polypropylene matrix in a worldwide unique continuous thermoplastic process.

In extended manufacturing process the plates could be used as skin (face sheet) of sandwich panels. 

I-C-P thermoplastic composites sheet product

I-C-P premier line of high-impact, heavy duty plates are comprised of continuous woven roving fiberglass. The high strength glass fiber is used where increased performance requirements are required. The plates are high strength and impact resistance sheets that could be used or formed in many other applications. Unlike thermosets, thermoplastics do not cross-link and cure, and therefore may be heated, formed and cooled several times without loss of properties. This distinction of I-C-P plate products provide wide range of customers to fabricate subsequently their desired products by shaping their premade, pre-consolidated sheet stock, in a simple thermoforming process.
I-C-P manufactures 0.5mm (1/32”) up to 6mm (1/4 “) thick plates. The widths of plates are 1230mm (4’) and 2450mm (8’) without any length limitation.

Thermoforming by heat and pressure, I-C-P thermoplastic sheet Plates could transform into the desired shape in a simple term. The sheet is preheated then transferred to a temperature-controlled mold and conformed to its surface until cooled. There are numerous variations of thermoforming, distinguished primarily by the method used to conform the sheet to the mold.


I-C-P thermoplastic composites sheet products offer a range of attractive features such as:

• Increased toughness and impact resistance.
• Post forming possibilities such as corrections and forming in multiple steps (e.g. edge close-outs and then folding).
• Unlimited shelf life, no VOCs and reduced issues with waste and material handling.
• Recyclability, both during manufacturing (recycling scrap) and after service life. These features are driving huge growth. 

High resistance, Lightweight, Efficient

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