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We produces thermoplastic composite products including Honeycomb core sandwich panels, EPS core sandwich panels, Polyurethane core sandwich panels and composite plates.

Composites are materials resulting from a mixture of two or more components. The mixture of materials produces a product with superior properties of individual materials.

Composite materials could be divided to two main components:

1- The reinforcement component (The fibers)
Several materials can be used as reinforcements. The most popular fibers used in composites are Glass, Kevlar and Carbon. These materials control the final strength of the composite material.

2- The polymer component (The matrix)
The polymer components are the materials that put the reinforcement in place and distributes the load among the reinforcement. The most common matrix materials are polyethylene, PVC and polypropylene.

I-C-P mainly uses glass fiber as reinforcement material and polypropylene as polymer components. I-C-P integrate the materials in a completely thermal process.

Two major category of I-C-P products are composite plates and sandwich panels

I-C-P Composite Plates

I-C-P Composite Plates

I-C-P base product is continuous fiber reinforced plates

I-C-P Sandwitch Panels

I-C-P Sandwich Panels

Made of two thin, but strong & rigid skins separated by a core

I-C-P Fabrications

At I-C-P, we use our base products including composite plates and sandwich panels, to fabricate highly efficient yet low cost innovative products such as:
Composite Fence System, Trailer Skirts, Emergency Shelter & Kiosks, Trailer CKD Body and Bulletproof Barrier.

I-C-P Products Advantages

I-C-P produce thermoplastic composite products. Using continuous Woven Roving reinforcing thermoplastic fiber in matrix of polypropylene in variety of internal core materials including honeycomb, EPS, aluminum and foams.

I-C-P does not use any other secondary adhesives in production process of composite panels. The core and high fiber reinforcing material fuse to each other directly in process.

I-C-P Products Advantages

Some of the key advantages of I-C-P products are:

I-C-P panels are designed to maximize performance and minimize weight.

I-C-P plates are high strength and impact resistance sheets.

Impact resistance,
UV Chemical and moisture resistance,
High resistance to corrosion and fatigue 
and very high resistance against mechanical and climatic loads

Environmentally friendly, Non-Toxic and Recyclable

Durable and easy to install, with a very long service lifetime

Because of continuous production process, virtually there is not a limit in length of products. I-C-P could produce panels at required length.

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