I-C-P thermoplastic continuous products could be used widely in transport sector
Our panels are designed to maximize performance and minimize weight

I-C-P thermoplastic continuous products could be used widely in transport sector. The thermally fused composite panels are ultralight, tough, anti-corrosion, impact and UV resistance products.

I-C-P panels are made of light weight cores fused thermally to high strength high content fiberglass skins (face sheets).

Due to lighter weight of I-C-P products compare to standard Sheetmetal and plywood, using I-C-P products in any part of truck or associated parts will result in lower fuel consumption as well as an extra loading capacity that could generate more revenue.

I-C-P panels are designed to maximize performance and minimize weight. By configuring skin thicknesses and number of layers in combination with core thickness and material, I-C-P fabricate the right product that matches customer requirements and performances. I-C-P products make it possible to bring a new life to old trailers.

Some of main benefits of using I-C-P products are:
• Superior strength to weight ratio
• Very high impact resistance
• UV, Chemical and moisture resistance
• Best choice of variety applications in truck body and associated parts
• Longer lifetime cycle that is not comparable to other ordinary materials like wood or metals
• Considerably better life-cycle costs than other materials
• Does not rust, corrode, mould and mildew
• Excellent in extremes of temperature, does not crack in cold temperature. 

Some specific application


Truck trailer back doors

Truck trailer back doors constructed by I-C-P panels are much stronger and lighter than ordinary doors. Weight of a complete set of 3/4 “ (19mm) thick door is less than 120 lb (54 Kg). The price of I-C-P composite panels are comparable to similar panels but last multiple times more.


Trailer body

According to customer requests, variety of I-C-P panels and plates can offer the best solution for trailer body. From high resistance flexible 1mm plates to rigid impact resistance of honeycomb sandwich panels or insulated polyurethane or EPS core sandwich panels in variety of thicknesses.


Trailer floors

Metal and woods in floor of trailers or RV caravans don’t last long due to environmental and road impacts. The best solution is using I-C-P sandwich panels as floor part in intact of harsh condition! The floor will last for ever and customer doesn’t need to change or repair the floor anymore!


Cargo trailers

Very light weight, versatile and easy to use, I-C-P panels and plates are the best choice for Cargo trailers body.
By decreasing weight of cargo trailer, significant benefits such as reducing fuel and repair cost will be achieved.


Trailer side skirts

There is significant data showing fuel savings for the various trailer aerodynamic devices.
The priority for choosing device by fleet is side skirts.
Skirts have become lighter and more robust improving payback. The first skirt of the market was made by the I-C-P continuous thermoplastic composite method.
The skirts are still the best quality of side skirts in the market.
I-C-P plates offer the lightest strong available skirts. Due to high fiber glass content of I-C-P plate products, skirt made by I-C-P plates are very strong but flexible enough to stay unbreakable in harsh road milieu.


Guard rails

I-C-P fabricate guardrails by thermoplastic glass fiber composite which is very light and has excellent impact resistance.
I-C-P Composite thermoplastic material offer several advantages over conventional guardrail materials such as superior strength/weight ratio, better stiffness/weight ratio, flexibility and high anti-corrosion and fatigue resistance, high capacity in energy absorption and damping impact energy especially in cold weather, reducing reactionary collusion forces, lower life cycle cost, low maintenance, easy to repair and increasing installation safety. I-C-P Guard rails consists of polypropylene and glass fiber fabricated in a thermoplastic procedure. The product is completely recyclable and nontoxic.


Wind deflectors

Wind deflectors is one of the most important aerodynamic parts as fuel saving factor. I-C-P thermoplastic plates could be shaped to match any fleet requirements.


Refrigerated Trailer body

I-C-P sandwich panels with Polyurethane and EPS cores offer the highest thermal insulation, (R), value and minimizing the panel thickness and weight.

And the last but not the least


Road signs

I-C-P panels are anti-corrosion. The panels accept decals, paints, coatings, adhesives and plastic welding.

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