Special type of panel is developed and tested by Canadian Army research lab for ballistic and explosion resistance. 

I-C-P panels could be designed and constructed to provide any facility with military grade protection. Special type of panel is developed and tested by Canadian Army research lab for ballistic and explosion resistance. I-C-P fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite panels constructed from three layers of woven fiberglass plates offer a superior resistance and protection against explosion of mortars. The plates presented an exceptional ballistic resistance that proved the ability of plates to be used as an easy installed light weight anti explosion protection walls and barriers.

The unique composite matrix of the plates could resist and retain the projectile to avoid potentially hazardous rebound. Two light weight half inch composite panels could be installed back to back very fast and easily. The panels could be painted by hand tools to improve aesthetics. The result is a protection barrier for small arms, shotgun and fragmentation from explosion. It is very useful for courtrooms, police stations, government buildings and banks.

I-C-P Plates and panels can simply be installed but could be produced in different colors by request. Panels easily can be primed and painted or covered by gypsum board or other materials to match specific requirements.

Main highlights:
a- Manufactured by Woven Roving E Glass fiber
b- 4’ Wide panels virtually without any length limitation
c- Class A material, flame spread Index of 15, Smoke Developed index of 135
d- Production of fire rated panels is customer choice
e- Very high impact resistance, Corrosion & UV resistance
f- With low thermal conductivity & Electrically non- -conductive
g- Nontoxic and environmentally friendly material, suitable for indoor and outdoor uses
h- Easily could be incorporated to building materials in design of ballistic protection and bullet resistance barriers.

I-C-P panels could be used in many parts:
a- Anti ballistic protection walls and barriers in in industrial and municipal sites
b- Fast installable forts
c- Lightweight ordinance containers
d- Observation bullet resistance shelters
e- Light weight bullet resistance panels

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