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In every subject of an economical sector, I-C-P panels and plates are offering proper advantages solutions. 

Continuous Fiber Reinforced (CFR) thermoplastic skins (face sheets) are constructed of high content fiber glass woven roving fabric in polypropylene matrix, thermally bonded with variety of internal core materials including honeycomb and EPS, are constructed without secondary adhesives provides solid fused sandwich panel.

I-C-P panels are designed to maximize performance and minimize weight. By configuring skin thicknesses and number of layers in combination with core thickness and material, I-C-P fabricate the right product that matches customer requirements and performances.

I-C-P sandwich panels are lightweight, strong and durable.

Some exclusive features of the panels are:
• Superior strength to weight ratio vs. other materials such as wood and aluminum
• Very high impact resistance
• UV and chemical resistance
• Impervious to moisture
• Will not rust, corrode, mould or mildew
• Repels graffiti, ice and snow buildup
• Best choice of variety applications such as boat decks, RV bunks, shelters, containers mobile offices ….

I-C-P products are designed to maximize performance and minimize weight.

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